Omega Apostasy and Laodecia

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Today God is calling His people out of their Laodicea condition. This book, "Omega Apostasy and Laodicea," presents the urgency of responding to this call. You will learn how to let Jesus fully into your life and receive the spiritual insight you must have in these last days by “buying” from God the “eye salve” He offers. The “white raiment” of Christ’s justifying and sanctifying righteousness is presented. Also, the “gold” of Christ’s character of faith and love must be received to be ready for Christ’s second coming.

Satan has and is doing everything in his power to keep God’s people in their Laodicean condition. For he knows if they do not understand and receive God’s call into their heart they will not come out of Laodicea and not be ready for Christ’s return. This book unveils Satan’s “omega” apostasy, which is aimed at keeping God’s people in Laodicea. When you read this book you will understand what Satan’s “omega” apostasy is and will be able to discern the methods he is using today to propagate his deception.

Because I personally believe the material presented in this book is of such importance at this time in world history and the history of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination I have chosen to offer it to you free of charge. You can obtain a free PDF copy by clicking on the PDF icon, or you can email me at and ask for the free PDF copy of the book. You are also welcome to share it with others using any means that is most available to you; email electronic copy or print the book and mail a copy.