Steps to Personal Revival

Everything started with a seminar on “Steps to Personal Revival”. At that time a desire grew within me to experience God in my daily life. Then I heard about the 40 days of prayer and worship. It was immediately clear to me – I wanted to experience this adventure. Actually, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Finding a suitable prayer partner (which is part of the program) wasn’t difficult. The challenge for me was to find time for each other every day for 40 days. As a nurse I have very irregular working hours. I hadn’t even thought about that. Nonetheless, God blessed my decision from the very start.

With longing I waited for those precious minutes of the day in which we could share with each other about the topic and plead for the Holy Ghost. We discovered that the prayers changed something in our lives. And we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. With every opportunity that came we felt impressed to share something. It was important to me to motivate other people to have the same experience. The effect didn’t fail to appear. Some church members were infected with our enthusiasm. Quickly new worship pairs got together. We looked forward to sharing every week what we had experienced. This “virus” was also caught by quite a few of our youth. The 40 Days ended much too quickly. We didn’t want to and simply couldn’t stop. So we continued our worship time with the book “Maranatha – The Lord is coming” by Ellen White. And God didn’t make us wait for long.

Still during the 40 days He gave us many wonderful answers to prayer. Someone, who we had prayed for during this time, came into contact with the church again after a long absence. We were so happy. The people around me became more important to me. My desire to share God’s love with other people grew stronger. My life changed. Many of us got to know and understand each other better. Many take part in each others’lives and are there for each other. Fellowship has a completely new meaning. The 40 Days of prayer and worship by Dennis Smith was a great help to me. It is easier than it seems to find a prayer partner and to experience God. The people dear to us will thank us for it.

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